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This account is used to play Chie at two games! I originally apped her with this journal for CFUD, and when I picked her up at Route 29, I figured there was no reason to pay for two journals, right? To summarize:

campfuckudie: isthisourchance for everything
route_29: usegalacticpunt for posts and friending, isthisourchance for commenting

Concrit Goes Here

Okay, I love Chie and I want to play her right! And I'm a little nervous about possibly getting her voice wrong. So here's the post where you can tell me if you think I need to work on something! All comments are screened and anonymous is allowed. (If/when I app more characters, this will become the general-purpose concrit post for all of them.)

CFUW 131 - locked to Tiffany

I actually wanted to ask to talk to you earlier, but it's been one of those days. I'm curious what you think, as a known sheep.

Retroactive hiatus notice /o\

[holds up sign saying I ATEN'T DEAD]

So I took a break from work last week, and it somehow turned into a break from everything. I am the worst at time management, basically. I am planning to come back soon, though! Still need to get caught up with some class stuff (and get used to a 40-hour work week again), but it shouldn't be more than a few days. Saturday at the absolute latest, since I have a post I want to do with Mizore then. This applies to Satonaka Chie, John Egbert, and Shirayuki Mizore.

Counselors! (That'd be Eliot Spencer, Finnick Odair, and Roxie Richter for John, and Bo Jones, Garrus Vakarian, and Scott Pilgrim for Mizore.) I swear I will pick up with you guys once I'm back on track! I am super excited for all of these counselings. For those of you I placeholdered with, I'll happily pick those up, or if you prefer, we can handwave and start new threads somewhere. Whatever works best for you!

Emerge From Below

[So a certain 17-year-old girl and a certain 13-year-old boy have been missing from camp for some time. Where are they? The voices coming from a nearby well may answer that question.]

hey, I see light up here! I think this is the exit!
finally! it feels like we were down there forever!
man, no kidding! I wonder if it's even still December...

[Feel free to tag this post if you want! Just bringing Chie and John off hiatus with a little playercest.]

Threads for September-November 2010

Icon Expression Meme

I already did the sex face meme a while ago, so here's another old classic!

Icon Expression MemeCollapse )

Anything Goes Meme

Guys, guys, guys, I'm so excited. Chie broke 1,000 comments tonight! \o/ The last time I managed that was with Setsuna ages upon ages ago. So in celebration, it is time for the Anything Goes Meme! Relationships, headcanon, questions, whatever you want! COME MAKE ME WRITE THINGS. ...Tomorrow. After I do my homework. |D;;

Also, if you want me to pick up a thread with you in Chie's homework post from last week, feel free to say so here! Otherwise, I'm... probably going to drop them. I'm just looking at my inbox with 20 notifications and thinking "...I can't do it, sob."


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